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Company Profile

The Company was founded in 1984 and has a national customer base.  For over 25 years, ACC has been devoted to providing outstanding  technical support and assistance to our customers.  ACC through our solid, experienced technical staff provide practical and complex IT solutions to our customers. Because of our extensive experience we can provide customized solutions for almost any type of industry.  Together with our staff of Hardware and Software engineers we have provided IT solutions to financial, real-estate, transportation, public works, retail, manufacturing and various other types of business.  "When you need a solution to a problem let us know and we can solve it". Over the years ACC has instilled trust in our customers and together with our dedication, allows our customers to feel confident that we can be trusted to keep their computers and networks operational and their business operational.

Contact Information

Telephone -  1-800-841-0596
Tech sales - extension 107
       Support - extension 110
Accounting - extension 102
FAX - 708-633-1456
Address - 10220 S. Roberts Road - Palos Hills, IL 60465
All payments and/or correspondence can be sent to:
Address -  P.O. Box 711 - Orland Park, IL 60465
Electronic mail
General Information:
Tech Sales:  
Customer Support:  


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