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The site has gained national recognition and has won numerous awards for its content and design. Unless it's a lab based course, an instructor needs to keep the time spent setting up, teaching, and troubleshooting the tools to a reasonable amount. It's all too easy to lose time to spend on developing course content and preparing for class. When Collette Sosnowy, visiting faculty in psychology at Sarah Lawrence College, was designing her interdisciplinary seminar "You Are What Your Tweet: Identity and Social Media," (Spring 2014) these were her concerns. The course centered around using social media to learn about the psychological implications of social media: how we present ourselves online, perceptions of the public and private, and issues of identity and relationships. For this class, each student maintained a blog throughout the semester, which served as an ongoing record of their independent projects. The goal was not only to have them produce the work, but to critically engage with the medium in part through using it, as well as publicly document their research process. Collette initially considered using a blogging platform like Wordpress until she attended a workshop with the college's Web Services Advocate, Emily Sharp, about using the school's learning management system (Jenzabar eLearning, branded on campus as MySLC). Collette realized that not only could the system meet her technology needs, but could provide institutional tech moncler quilted elastic-belt jacket support as well. MySLC is most widely used by faculty for uploading syllabi, emailing students, distributing readings, and moderating online discussion.

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The Company was founded in 1984 and has a national customer base.  For over 25 years, ACC has been devoted to providing outstanding  technical support and assistance to our customers.  ACC through our solid, experienced technical staff provide practical and complex IT solutions to our customers. Because of our extensive experience we can provide customized solutions for almost any type of industry.  Together with our staff of Hardware and Software engineers we have provided IT solutions to financial, real-estate, transportation, public works, retail, manufacturing and various other types of business.  "When you need a solution to a problem let us know and we can solve it". Over the years ACC has instilled trust in our customers and together with our dedication, allows our customers to feel confident that we can be trusted to keep their computers and networks operational and their business operational.

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