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Computer, Peripherals and network onsite services

Contract or non-contract onsite service..  ACC offers onsite service throughout 48 states. Our techs are cell phone or computer dispatched and together with our experienced staff can solve any printer, computer, peripheral or network problems you may have.

Key Benefits

  • ACC will respond within an 8 hour business day to our contract customers and in some situations provide after hours support as needed
  • Our 25 years experience provides our customers a solid thorough service response
  • Ability to recognize the actual problem instead of guessing
  • Experience allows for a completed service call the first time
  • Extensive variety IT solutions
  • Our dedicated team of professionals will above and beyond to support our customers


Our experience allows us to service anything from a very old style DOS operating system to the current *Windows operating systems. In addition our staff also services Apple/Mac os 9 or greater.  Because of our long history ACC has serviced Novell networks, 10base2 to 1000baseT ethernet, lantastic various peer to peer networks.  We also have worked on various hardware and software applications.  In addition specifically because of our experience and training we are best suited to design and recommend various network and hardware/software configurations to solve any needs you may have.

Service and support for operating systems from DOS to the latest MS Windows configurations

  • Troubleshoot and repair computers  covering these operating systems.

File Server, Remote server, database server design

  • We design and custom build network servers for any type of need

  • Network and server design based on the configuration needed.

Printer repair on various color or mono Laser and dot-matrix printers

  • Various HP, Oki-Data, Brother and Samsung laser printers

Apple MAC os 9.0 or better

  • Troubleshoot and repair computers  covering these operating systems.

Service and support Ethernet 10base2, 10baset 10/100/1000, Novell, Lantastic peer to peer NETWORKS

  • Troubleshoot and repair any network issues referencing these network operating systems

  • Design and configure your nework based on your needs

  • Make changes to your network to improve your network performance

Full custom software programming and network design to give our customers a single source for all of their IT needs

  • Custom computer programming for your database needs

  • Hardware and software integration to solve your computer needs

  • Ability to connect both for a full hardware, software and network configuration, providing your company a full IT solution to solve your needs.

Over the years ACC has worked on networks and peripherals for various industries.  From real estate to financial institutions.  We have provided database and network design from Airport runway systems to auto parts industries.  ACC has always provided a efficient and beneficial system design that provided a major improvement to the current configuration our customers.

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